John Richard

A designer walks through an exotic city, taking notes of the shapes and colors of a building exterior. A craftsman finds a pub off the beaten path, and examines the wood carving technique used on each table. The upholsterer falls in the love with the unique blue hues of a blouse worn by a woman sitting on a bench. John­ Richard does not simply design and produce furniture. Each piece of John Richard furniture, lighting and home decor must tell a story, and all stories begin with an adventure. Like fine chocolate, the John Richard collection offers the perfect balance of comfort and decadence. John Richard collection ranges from 20th Century European Modernism styled sofas and abstract wall lights, to beautiful, exposed wood bookcases and accent pillows. John­ Richard’s adventures can be seen in subtle geometric patterns. The dedication to quality can be seen in rigid craftsmanship. Each product from John­ Richard is created from a story. Now, it’s time to create your own. Shop our selection of John Richard furniture and accessories in our online store today.

Please note all John Richard products take 4-8 weeks for delivery. 

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